Music has been a huge passion of mine, ever since I was a kid. To me, music is more than just a pretty melody or something to dance to. It is the lyrics that have always stuck out to me, especially the ones that are meaningful and deal with heavy topics. I have always appreciated the bands who are willing to shed light on these problems, and I have great respect for those who have taken it one step further and produced music videos to raise awareness about certain issues in today’s society. The following music videos address the issues of animal cruelty, soldiers and war, domestic abuse, cancer, disaster relief in devastated third-world countries, self-injury, depression, suicide, and drunk driving.

Ready to Fall by Rise Against 

This music video shows the horrors of animal cruelty and how unfairly animals are treated for food, clothing, and entertainment. The footage is taken from the film Earthlings, an animal rights documentary released in 2005.

This is War by 30 Seconds to Mars  A cry out for peace, this video shows soldiers fighting for their country and footage of civilians standing up for their rights. The ending of this video portrays the message of how the war just needs to end now so that there can be unity, love, and order once again.

Hero of War by Rise Against  This music video shows the terrors of a soldier’s life and the pain and suffering he goes through everyday. The song is written from a soldier’s perspective in order to make people truly understand what fighting in a war is like.

Face Down by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus  This song and video was made in an attempt to raise awareness about domestic abuse and provide hope to those who are suffering from it. It sends the message that there is a way out and that no one deserves to be treated with such violence.

Save You by Simple Plan  “Save You” was written in honor of the lead singer’s older brother, Jay Bouvier, who battled and defeated cancer. It is to raise awareness about cancer, to honor all those who won the fight against cancer, and to remember all those who unfortunately lost the fight.

Not Alone by Linkin Park  This video was made to help those who suffered from the earthquake in Haiti. It shows the awful condition that the country is in and encourages people to donate in order to provide disaster relief for the people of Haiti.

This Isn’t the End by A Skylit Drive  An attempt to raise awareness about self-injury, depression, and suicide, this music video features real people who have dealt with the difficulties of self-injury and depression, and how they overcame it.

Hold On by Good Charlotte “Hold On” was written to make people more aware of suicide and how serious of a problem it is. The video features true stories of those who have lost loved ones to suicide and how they have been affected by it.

Untitled by Simple Plan  This music video raises awareness about the effects of drunk driving and shows how it can damage, destroy, and shatter more than just one person’s life.


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