Get Involved

BYU Center for Service and Learning
The BYU Center for Service and Learning is located in Provo, UT, on the Brigham Young University campus. It provides numerous volunteer opportunities to be a part of various programs and participate in hundreds of chances to change someone’s life for the better.

Give Clothing Company
Give Clothing Company gives away a brand new article of clothing at no cost for every item purchased at their company. They partner with various organizations to provide those who are less fortunate with the basic necessity of clothing.

Music for Relief
Music for Relief is a grassroots effort comprised of artists, music industry professionals, and fans working together to create positive change and support disaster relief. It was founded by the members of the band Linkin Park in 2005 after the Indian Ocean Tsunami. There are opportunities on the website to donate to numerous countries that have been devastated by natural disasters.

National Depression Screening Day (NDSD)
This event is held annually during Mental Health Illness Awareness Week in October. This year, NDSD will be on Thursday, October 6, 2011. It is to raise awareness about depression and screen people for depression and other mood and anxiety disorders.

National Suicide Prevention Week
This year, National Suicide Prevention Week will start on Sunday, September 4, 2011, and end on Saturday, September 10, 2011; September 10, 2011 is also World Suicide Prevention Day.

One Day Without Shoes
This is an annual event put on by the TOMS Shoes company. On this day, people go barefoot: to school, to work, to the park, to the mall, everywhere! It is to raise awareness about the company and its mission and to help people realize that there are thousands of people out there in the world who do not have shoes to wear.

The Partnership at
Donate to the Partnership at to help fund ongoing research about drug-related attitudes and help support their educational programs and campaigns.

SocialCurrent is a website that allows you to search for local nonprofits in your area. A whole list of organizations with their addresses and phone numbers are provided on the website after you search for your city and state.

TOMS Shoes
TOMS Shoes gives away a pair of new shoes at no cost to a child in need in developing countries for every pair of shoes purchased from their company. The company is here to make a difference in the world by improving the lives of less fortunate children one by one.


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  1. iv been beaten my entire life…both of my mothers nearly killed me. i was thrown, kicked, and beat. at age 10 i started purging and cutting…my body looks like a scribbled piece of paper. i have so many medical issues cause of bulimia…i should be dead…i suffer everyday. i stilll cant fight my addiction. i want to start a program like TWLOHA but i dont know were to start. i want to help. i want to spread the word. i dont want another being to die…illl somehow help. get back to me?

    iv been afraid my whole life…iv seen horrible things…i see the world so diffrently…you would love to hear my stories…i want to start an organization..please help me?

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